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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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i want to introduce the director of public works. >> good morning. how about a big hand for giving the hospital this far? [applause] we appreciate the partnership that we have with the department of public health. in addition to rebuilding come up we are renovating clinics all over the city. -- rebuilding, we are renovating clinics all over the city. this involves a lot of collaboration and innovative projects. under the management of his team -- joe chin and edgar lopez -- we are building a world-class a hospital for the citizens of san
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francisco. the hospital will use an estimated 20% less energy, 40% less water than regular buildings around san francisco. it will be a rooftop garden. we have light-reflecting roofing material. this is not only for the patients and there families, but to reduce the like which keeps our city cooler. we will use 30% less water to keep the hospital looking green. with today's economy, the part of the project we are most proud of is mayor lee has made it his main goal, but is creating jobs. we have over 140 local
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enterprise contractors involved with the project. it will be awarded at over $59 million. the project overall is tracking 30%, and with our contracts, that is at 41%. [applause] this partnership has also successfully placed graduates into the various jobs including bricklayers and ironworkers. a lot of jobs happy to be here. and finally, our collaboration exemplifies the vision. is started with mayor lee. a big hand for our former
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director. we partner with the community and the city family. and here today, we do the best job we can. i want to thank you all for having us here. we will be on time and on budget and the hospital will be ready. thank you very much. [applause] >> i want to recognize the chief of our fire department. the director of the mayor's budget and policy office. we have the director of the mayor's office of disabilities, carla johnson. the director of public finances. i would like to give her an extra thank you for all her work. the acting sheriff. the deputy chief -- thank you for being here today.
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thank you so much. we could not build the hospital without the builders. i would like to introduce the senior vice president of our builders. >> you know, it is quite something to stand here and get a chance to reflect and look up at what this is really going to be. i would say three or four years ago when we were thinking about that, we did not have any specific ideas except we knew what we really wanted to accomplish. we knew we had to accomplish something great. if you think about those existing buildings that are here, they were built over 100 years ago. what really cured people back then was some light and fresh air. we had very few things to worry about on the design side. 100 years later, we have so many more things that can cure and help and benefit the community,
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and our hats go off to all those who have been a part of that. truly, from the architect and the engineering side and the entire engineering staff -- all the conditions, all the issues that come together to provide the world class opportunities and facilities that are here. coupled with that our partners, dpw, the department of public health. it is really a collaboration above and beyond any single project. that is what makes the difference in some of these ceremonies. i have been to a few of them. this one will have a special place the cause of, it will be there, not only when it is needed with regular emergencies, but true emergencies. and the city has gone through those in the past. when you think about it -- the next earthquake, the ball bearings this is sitting on keeping the building will move as much as two and a half feet
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either way. when that all settles out and there are the needs and the demands pressed on the hospital, this hospital will be here to serve. to serve the community, the people who need it. that is why we are here today. something much larger than all of us. thank you to the engineers, the designers, are partners at dpw. this was really a team effort. if a guy is standing up here in a suit, the guy's not in the suits in the background are the ones really doing the work. we look for the next couple of years to finishing at. thank you. [applause] >> to complete the building, we are taking the nation's. we have the san francisco general hospital foundation. they have been working very hard looking for donors.
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we want to acknowledge the board president, some of the board members. connie shannon, jennifer bilko, and all of there supporters. we want to recognize them. they are going to help us finish. i would like to introduce the chairman of the board of directors for the san francisco general hospital foundation. she has just been working really hard seeking those donors to complete this project. >> [laughter] the concept of a moving building is a little -- terrifying. and wonderful. always when i'm out in the community, i feel so proud.
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and i really hope all of you do. the guys from the city and the fire department -- because this hospital is preeminent in every field in every way. we care for patients in a compassionate and cutting edge way that is just phenomenal. 84% of the people in the city voted for a bond measure, and whoever heard of a bond measure passing the first time, let alone with 84%? it was a resounding "yes" vote for all of the people who do smart, capable, and compassionate work. i am so proud of the hospital. i am so proud. i am glad we're not stopping
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work for 1 minute. i am so proud and we're building this building on time and ahead of schedule and i want to thank everybody. thank you. our we doing, everyone? -- how are we doing, everyone? >> we have an incredible relationship with cfs. we have leaders from the hiv/aids fight. many of them have become administrators and the health department. and soap ,ucfs -- and so ucfs has been an incredible
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partnership for department. [applause] >> thank you. it is such an honor to be here today, to represent the over 2000 employees who work here on this campus and come here every day to provide the best service people can in partnership with the city. it is one of our major sites, not only for delivering health care, but also for teaching the bank in all of these schools -- the school of medicine, the school of nursing, the school of pharmacy, and the graduate school. this is a site that is important to all of us in terms of having cutting edge research. we have over $250 million on this campus as well as 800 people who work here doing
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research that will lead to the improvement of our health and the future. so, with this partnership, i am just so pleased looking out on this wonderful crowd to be here and to also say thank you for all the work that you dare. thank you. >> i would like to recognize the vice counsel of planning and who is working with us throughout this process. it is such an honor to work with the honorable mayor ed lee. we have been given the initiative not only to get jobs, but also to work hard for the service. mayor lee has been nothing but a tremendous supporter of the department of public health. with the last budget, the
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department came out with no cuts in the budget. [applause] we are extremely grateful to him and his commitment to health. honorable mayor ed lee. >mayor lee: thank you, barbara. good afternoon, everyone. this says "sweet." scott has his on. dennis is looking for an orange 1. i want to reiterate my thanks to everyone on the stage and in the audience. the team effort is really going on your. that is also effective in our economy does -- that is picking up. it is akin to attitude of the
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p.w. -- the can-do attitude of dpw. in everything that we're doing, there's a positive result if we all work together. that is the message here. if i can add to this, two things. i want to continue thinking our san francisco general hospital foundation. as this building goes up, there'll have to be a lot of expensive equipment that goes in there. judy has a wonderful team and all the board members are here, to fill it with the most modern, lifesaving equipment, the greenest technology there is to make the best hospital so we take pride in that. why? because it is for these kids. they are going to be the future doctors, the future nurses, the future hospitals administrators. is all for you that we are doing this.
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because it with this team effort the promise was made, the promise with our board of supervisors was made a couple years back. we promised to create the best hospital. hopefully, for all of our future kids so they can work get it, they can be there to be part of a wonderful community that is san francisco. that is why this is a wonderful opportunity to top off with the most fantastic -- it is the largest, as barbara said. but it is worth it, to have a world-class hospital for world- class city. everyone sharing in, this moment, this milestone to top off. the graffiti that we have here today is, for all of us to share in this very moment, is a great, great test to thank everybody for getting here, and we look forward to being here in 2015. so, we will do little sign i
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andage and have the last -- signage and have the last bean put in. shall we say thumbs-up? we will sign at first and then give thumbs-up. with that? are you ready? all right. >> 3, 2, 1. [applause]
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[cheering] [cheers and applause]
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[cheers and applause]
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>> please look on the mayor of san francisco. -- please welcome at the mayor of san francisco. >> welcome, everyone. 102nd annual luncheon and i am distracted. first of all, i have made my staff very nervous.
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i am not following the teleprompter. i might not be in cahoots with the video. please bear with me. first of all, congratulations. thank you for being part of this rich collaboration to support our tourism and hospitality industry. i want to recognize the former mayor's for being here. i know they have shared a love for the city as i have and they know how important tourism is. they also know how important it is that we have to continue to be a strong city but also an international city and i am excited to be here, to be with you. to do this 102 times, this is fantastic. i am here to make one simple
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announcement. in light of the value of our tourism industry, and you know all of that, you are part of a very successful industry that has cost us some 71,000. we have an increase in visitors from 2010. you are also helping us to change of their unemployment. we invest here to make improvements. this simple announcement is that we're going to expand this center.
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i can announce that we are beginning something which is really really important to buttress that expansion, that is to begin a 25-year master plan for our whole center and all the things we wanted to in conjunction with their. that is how we support our tourism industry and our hospitality industry. with that, we have the beginnings of our master plan. you know the work that i did, part of our success is doing long-term planning. we have done that with our 10-
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year capital infrastructure plan so that once we have completed that plan and we have allowed all of our departments to weigh in, we are doing the same thing with our 25-year master plan. we have skidmore, merrill, and -- helping us do this. by the end of this summer, they will present that master plan to us for consideration. when you plan for success, you will be successful. that is what we have learned very simply in our city. i am excited to do that. i am excited to start out that planning and make sure that gets done. we share in the same level of excitement. how about that perfect game? that started excitement. [applause] how about the the excitement from the u.s. open? how about the summit we're
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having this weekend. happy pride month in san francisco. to continue that, and to build for the future with all of the success we have with our giants, with all of the offense that we create, with the offense that we just had with this fantastic icon, the year for our golden gate bridge. we have a few more things to celebrate in the future. what do you think about the warriors coming back to san francisco? we will have the nba working with us not just for great venues for basketball team, will also have another iconic as a new -- we will have another iconic venue.
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i think for this year, beginning in august we will have the america's cup. this is just in two months. the world series of america's cup comes to san francisco, how about that? just this week, the main wing has arrived in san francisco. do you know what a wingspan and some 13 floors looks like. just look at goldin gate ave. you will see a win of usa or both. this will be just as tall as 13 floors. that will be fantastic. i would like to thank the america's cup organizing committee because they're working really really hard to make sure that we have a great foundation for successful
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events, for raising a good amount of money to do this. i want to thank you for the fantastic partnership in doing so because the world series will start this year in august and then we will have the big races next year. it will also give a strong shout out to our travel. you and the halting have been wonderful. you have been focusing not only on the center, not only on neighborhoods, but now i think we have this opportunity to say that we're no longer just a venue for dit u.s., we are and -- we are an international venue. who are we competing with? it is no longer new york for florida or san diego or chicago, it is beijing, shanghai, paris, it is all of the international venues.
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your market and our market is no longer national, this is international. this is where the excitement comes. we set the standards very differently we are no longer just a san francisco entity providing advance and we do a great job with our convention bureau. our offense now are connecting us to the whole area. -- our events now are connecting us with the whole area. they also want to go to napa, they want to go to silicon valley. we have a lot to celebrate, we have a lot of work to do. this is in the context of us expanding the senator said that we can have more people at work. our unemployment rate has dropped to 7.4% as a result of
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your work. let's give a shout out to all of the men and women that are serving us today. thank you for your great work. i look forward to working with you, with all of the hospitality partners that we have. we have all of us working here, we have our fire chief and police chief working here. all of our different departments. all of us are a working together to support muni. we are working collaborative lee with our conventions and our better business bureau. thank you to all of the officers that have worked in our hospitality room. how would like to add a great congratulations to all of those receiving a reward. thank you for your wonderful riding.
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everyone, enjoy your luncheon. enjoy our great city. keep celebrating with us. we will find new ways and new opportunities to celebrate. congratulations, everyone. [dog barking] [rocket whistles] [boom]